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We are excited to be able to share with you some computer generated images of the interior of Copelands.  Our plan has always been to create a space that feels like home while having a touch of luxury.  The plans drawn up by the interior designers reflect our vision well.  

The Brickies are almost finished and the structure is 95% complete.  The roof trusses have now been completed over the Residential households to accommodate our chosen covering, which will be a natural slate finish. Specialist roof details have also been started. The other benefit in having these works so well advanced is that it enables the contractor to introduce other trades. Targets are being met now that a good proportion of the building is water tight. Who says the weather matters NOW!.

If you go down to Millisle today, you're sure of a big surprise!

Last week was a very exciting one on-site at our Copelands project, for two reasons.

Firstly, the roof trusses and beams were being lifted up and put in place, providing a real sense of how the completed structure will look, and a real focal point for anyone driving past.

Building is progressing well. The Ground floor construction is completed and first floor slabs are insitu. You can now get the total feel of the footprint for the entire ground floor. We have now progressed the north of the site and the two residential units will be constructed by the end of the week. The roof trusses are due to be delivered and installed in the coming weeks.

The brick layers will now focus on two of the household's first floors and this will allow the introduction of the roofers to complete the North side.

BCM's Estates & Facilities Manager says,

And all of a sudden it is May!! Time is flying but luckily so is Copelands with the building progressing well. The internal walls on the ground floor are almost complete, while works have progressed to the first floor. The concrete floor slabs are being craned into place so that the construction of the first floor walls can commence. These walls will make up the two nursing households and the remaining residential and activity spaces.

Work is continuing apace with the superstructure growing daily.  It is now possible to see the clear outline of the building and its internal layout.  The ground floor walls are nearly complete with the full quota of rooms and leisure spaces accounted for and it is so exciting to see such tangible evidence of what we can expect upon completion.  Work has already started on the second floor. 

The site is progressing well. The stone wall at the road has been removed to improve visibility displays and the new entrance and temporary service entrance have been formed.
The building substructures have now been completed and work on the superstructure is underway with the exterior and internal wall structure progressing well. The preceded outer skin is a brick plinth which will be a finished detail then continued in traditional block to facilitate the chosen render.

The construction is on time to date.

The Cornerstone of Copelands Dementia, Nursing and Residential Care home has been laid at a formal ceremony which took place at the site. The ceremony, which was led by Rev Billy Davison, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland and Rev David Campton, Superintendent of Belfast Central Mission (BCM), took place during a welcome break in the wet and windy weather. 

The cut has been completed, the site foundations are marked and the foundations are just underway.

It's an exciting time! The foundations are being excavated and the first concrete has been poured. Lime is being used to mark the boundaries (looks similar to the lines of a boundary on a pitch e.g. Rugby / Football.)  It's beginning to show the shape of Copelands. 


The 1st stage of the tree removal has been completed.

The site clearance has progressed and finished floor levels have been set and agreed. The finished sub floor level is now a temporary benchmark onsite. This now being visible, in conjunction with the laser level, gives a great sense of the preliminary works that will not be seen when fully constructed and landscaped, but what is required to make our construction happen. Having the sub floor height now allows the final accurate excavation works to be completed.